Daniel's Seventieth Week Timeline Of Events

Before Day 1 or Day 1

The church is raptured and resurrected (John 14:1-3, 1 Corinthians 15:51-54, 1 Thessalonians 4:14-17, Revelation 4:1-2).

The whole house of Israel is resurrected (Ezekiel 37:1-14, Isaiah 26:19).

The man of sin, the man of lawlessness, is revealed (2 Thessalonians 2:3, Revelation 6:1-2).

Day of the Lord time period has come (2 Thessalonians 2:2-3). (Any subsequent day or period of time from now on, in which God is directly intervening in the affairs of man in a way that is not being done now, such as expressing wrath, performing events, passing judgment, and defeating the armies of the world, may potentially be termed day of the Lord.)

Day 1

The man of sin confirms a peace covenant with many for the entire seventieth week time frame (Daniel 9:27, Revelation 6:2).

People are saying peace and safety (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

The temple of God, and the altar, and they that worship therein, are measured (Revelation 11:1).

The man of sin begins to conquer and begins to implement the mark-of-the-beast system (Revelation 6:2, 13:16-18, 14:9-11).

The two witnesses begin to prophesy (Revelation 11:3)

The tribulation period caused by God's wrath, a time of Jacob's trouble (Jeremiah 30:7), begins.

Day 250

Daily sacrifice begins in the new temple (Daniel 8:13-14 {250 = 2550-2300}, Ezekiel 40:38-43, 43:18-27, 45:18-19, 45:22-25, 46:2-15).

Days 1 to 1260

The first five seals are opened by the Lamb (Revelation 6:1 to 6:11).

The man of sin magnifies himself above every god and destroys many (2 Thessalonians 2:4, Daniel 11:36-45).

Gog thinks an evil thought (Ezekiel 38:10).

Just Before Day 1260

The man of sin is wounded to death (Daniel 11:45, Revelation 13:3).

Gog and many people come up against God's people of Israel (Ezekiel 38:15-16).

Day 1260

Michael wins war in heaven against the dragon (Revelation 12:7-8).

The dragon and fallen angels are cast out of heaven into the earth (Revelation 12:9).

The man of sin is resurrected (Revelation 13:3-4).

Daily sacrifice is abolished and the place of the sanctuary is cast down (Daniel 8:11, 9:27, 12:11).

The abomination that causes desolation is set up (Matthew 24:15, Daniel 12:11).

Israelites flee to the wilderness for 1260 days (Matthew 24:16-20, Daniel 12:1, Revelation 12:6, 12:14).

The two witnesses are killed by the beast (Revelation 11:7).

Michael stands up for Israelites (Daniel 12:1).

The man of sin magnifies himself and blasphemes God (Daniel 8:11, Revelation 13:5-6).

Days 1260 to 1263

They that dwell upon the earth rejoice over the deaths of the two witnesses (Revelation 11:8-10).

Day 1263 or Day 1264 (1260+3)

The two witnesses are resurrected and ascend to heaven (Revelation 11:11-12).  At the same hour the sixth seal is opened by the Lamb (Joel 2:30-31, Isaiah 26:20-21, Ezekiel 38:19-20) and there is a great earthquake (Revelation 11:13, 6:12).  The sun becomes black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon becomes as blood (Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20, Revelation 6:12).

Just After Day 1263 or Day 1264

The great and terrible notable day of the Lord comes when the stars of heaven fall unto the earth, and the heaven departs as a scroll when rolled together, and every mountain and island are moved out of their places (Revelation 6:13-14).

Gog and his people fall upon the open field and mountains of Israel (Ezekiel 38:21-39:5).

The remnant of Israel (now in the wilderness) are affrighted (Revelation 6:15-17, Revelation 11:13) and then give glory to the God of heaven (Revelation 11:13) and become new believers in Christ (Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21). Soon after this, the 144,000 are sealed by angels of God (Revelation 7:1-8).

Days 1260 to 2520

The dragon persecutes Israelites (Revelation 12:13) but Israelites are nourished (Revelation 12:14) in the wilderness for 3 and 1/2 years as they evangelize for Jesus Christ as servants of God (Revelation 7:3).

Many saints are overcome (martyred) by the beast (Revelation 7:9-17, 13:7). Those saints that are not the 144,000 and that are not martyred shall enter the millenial kingdom as the righteous sheep of Matthew 25:31-46. These righteous sheep shall procreate (Isaiah 65:23) and shall not die during this glorious time on earth (Isaiah 30:26, 33:24, Jeremiah 33:6, Psalms 67:2). They shall have an eternal destiny with their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Trumpet Judgments (Revelation 8, 9)

Seven Thunders (Revelation 10)

Vial Judgments (Revelation 15, 16)

Just Before Day 2520

The sun is darkened, the moon does not give her light, the stars do not give their light but fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens are shaken (Matthew 24:29, Isaiah 13:9-10, Joel 3:15).

Day 2520 - Second Coming of Jesus Christ To Earth

The day of the Lord comes when Jesus Christ sets His foot upon the mount of Olives (Revelation 19:11-16, Jude 1:14-15, Psalm 2:6, Zechariah 14:4, Matthew 24:30, Luke 21:27, Mark 13:26).

Daniel's seventieth week is completed.

Days 2520 to 2550

Old Testament saints are resurrected (Daniel 12:2).

The angels gather the elect (Matthew 24:31).

The fowls of heaven gather unto the supper of the great God (Revelation 19:17-21).

Satan is bound for a thousand years (Revelation 20:1-2).

Day 2550

The abomination that causes desolation is no longer set up (Daniel 12:11) and the sanctuary is cleansed (Daniel 8:14).

Days 2550 to 2595

The Son of man divides the sheep and the goats (Matthew 25:31-46).

Twelve tribes of Israel are judged (Matthew 19:28).

Saints judge the world (1 Corinthians 6:2).

Saints judge angels (1 Corinthians 6:3).

Day 2595

The one-thousand year reign of Jesus Christ from Jerusalem begins (Daniel 12:3,12, Revelation 20:6).

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