SPAM and Virus Controls for Every Email Account

SPAM Filtering
OCII is making a stand against the huge volumes of unwanted spam and virus laden email. OCII utilizes advanced scanning and filtering techniques to keep all OCII customers safe from this growing problem. Unfortunately, no filter or scanner is 100% accurate 100% of the time.

New for 2008. We have implemented real-time blackhole scanning into our mail delivery system. Currently we are using blackhole lists maintained by SpamCop and SpamHaus. These two companies provide global lists of known spam domains. Each incoming email is checked against these lists and we have noticed an immediate benefit. In the first 2 hours of testing in early January, the SpamCop list successfully blocked nearly 4500 spam email that would otherwise have passed through to our filtering stage and potentially into our mailboxes.

Using our spam filtering at a server level, we have been able to reduce up to 96% of the spam that would normally end up in your Inbox. This saves you time and reduces the overall amount of bandwidth required to download unwanted email.

Virus Filtering
Filtering viruses from email is essential to maintaining a safe Internet environment. At a server level, OCII maintains virus filters to remove email with executable content as attachments. As with spam, however, the system cannot remove 100% of the email that do contain viruses and therefore recommends that all customers have and maintain an Anti-virus program.

Programs like
Norton and McAfee require the end-user to purchase their programs and then pay an annual subscription fee for virus-updates. Other programs like AVG and HouseCall are free to operate and update. Symantec and McAfee also provide on-line scanners where you can check the files on your computer after downloading a small scanner program. These programs should not, however, take the place of an on-board anti-virus program.

One thing that many Internet subscribers neglect to realize is that keeping your Operating System up to date is equally as important as keeping your virus definitions up to date. There is an on-going issue with new security holes in computer operating systems and browsers. Without the proper patches in place, it is possible for your computer to be hi-jacked, or worse, for your private information to be stolen. Microsoft maintains an update site at
http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com . It is important to check this site often if you are using Internet Explorer in conjunction with any Windows based operating system.

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